Fundraising in Schools

Schools can provide and support fundraising, while creating a wonderful opportunity for students and staff to interact.
The social benefits create wonderful opportunities for students to learn about giving and supporting others, teamwork and learning to develop a social conscience. The learning opportunities are immense, along with skill development and creating a positive and proactive learning environment.

Fundraising Ideas

• Crazy hat days
• 'Dress to be different' days
• Cupcake days
• 'Bake and make' projects/days (with students and teachers participating)
• Discos
• Raffles
• 'Make a crazy animal' days
• Supporting local Cancer Care Western 'Coins for Cancer' days and events
• Fundraising stalls for Mother's Day and Christmas with homemade gifts
• Dance and dine nights (for senior schools)
• Supper with song nights (for senior schools)
• Trivia afternoons.